Monday, October 29, 2007

Opening My New Chumby: Some Chumpix

I received my cushy new chumby in the mail the other day.

What is a chumby? It's the most fun new gadget out there in the world of's a little device with a screen that plays endless widgets -- such as YouTube, eBay, facebook, and other Internet-related smidgens. Some things are still in the works, it looks like -- but it's looking pretty cool.

Anyway, right now, I mainly just wanted to share my chumby photos with you. This is how the chumby looked in its packaging, and with its accessories, etc., when I took it out of the box.

Chumby_n_signe_wedding1007_001  Chumby in its cute burlap sack. (Who said you can't look hot in a burlap sack?)

I love their cute octopus logo. Steve Adler of chumby Industries fame (who I met at the eBay Devcon, where he gave a chumbydemo) told me it was done by the same lady who did the apple logo. If I'm not mistaken.

Here is the chumby itself (it's the thing in the middle row on the bottom, with the tan/beige colored trim, and a little screen) surrounded by its accessories, cute lil' bags and adorable little manual.

Chumby with its ac adaptor plugged in, and the manual open.


Chumby in all its glory on my desk, playing the YouTube widget.

More pix coming as I play with the chumby some more.

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