Monday, June 25, 2007

Three Dot: Some Thoughts and Ideas I've Been Wanting to Get Off My Chest

This is going to be an experimental blog post, via a vis the "three dot" newspaper columns...I think Larry King had one a while back in..USA Today was it? And I miss it.

Here goes:

I wish eBay would give us a feature to "send offer" to people watching our auctions -- keep them anonymous or not;  I think a lot of people put it on their watch list and then fuhgeddaboutit...    Can listing in a second category be worth it when it doubles your fees? I doubt it... maybe for big-ticket items..

Off-eBay topic..speaking of Larry King, oh brother, he just had to get a Paris Hilton interview..why do we have to keep hearing so much about Paris Hilton? And am I now part of the problem?

Can rap really be on the wane? And does that mean we will see more rock? Can it really be 40 years since the Summer of Love? OK, so I was only 2 then, but I heard about it.

All for now. No, wait..I want a new Vaio.  And a Chumby. I don't think I'll get an iPhone right away. Let the price come down and let other people gripe about the first generation's flaws.

OK, that's really it.

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