Sunday, June 17, 2007

Saturday at eBay Live: Town Hall, Kool & the Gang, Men on Stilts.

Saturday at eBay Live was more craziness. I covered the Town Hall for AuctionBytes. You'll be seeing the story on the AB site most likely tomorrow (Monday). A lot of questions were about the perceived fairness (or lack thereof) of the new star feedback rating system, but the execs said buyers are happy with it overall. I'll be posting my thoughts about it later. I largely agree with them..I am mostly happy with the improvement as a buyer, but as a seller I think there is potential to be rated unfairly. Anyway, let's go to the pic:

eBay execs including Bill Cobb, Philippe Justus, Rob Chenut, Jim Ambach, and Jamie Jamie Iannone at the eBay Town Hall Saturday, with Griff moderating.


The crowd gets balloon hats made while they wait for the doors to the gala to open.


A gaggle of eBay execs gather for a quick group photo in the quiet hall before the gala crowd comes in and the joint starts hopping. It's been a busy week.

Triumphant eBay employees walk into the gala. The eBay sellers clap for them. It's a nice role reversal from the clapping tunnel to come. There's definitely two-way appreciation at these events.

Below, eBay Employee Cool Hair Guy and Me:

His hair is vertical.
I believe he said his name is Jimm, with two m's. Everything he does is exteme.

Kool and the Gang, below.

Who is Kool and who is the Gang? Did I really live through the 70s?


More pix tomorrow.

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