Saturday, June 16, 2007

More eBay Live Friday Madness Images; Town Hall Coming Soon

The eBay Live Town Hall is about to begin here this morning, but I wanted to post a few more images from the Friday madness before heading off to it.

Here is one of the most photographed guys at the convention ths year -- I don't know his name (I should have asked for his business card) so I'll simply call him "balloon hat guy" for now:

He was in the eBay Chatter newsletter this morning as well.

Scot_wingo To the left is Scot Wingo. He's famous.
He works for Channel Advisor but also writes books. I ran into him talking to Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes in the Press Room at eBay Live.


To the immediate left, a couple of the Marketblast guys. They were in the booth next to me during my eBay Price Guide signing at the Hammertap booth.  (Thanks again to Hammertap, makers of an awesome eBay research tool, for hosting my signing. And to all the members of the Hammertap team for being so nice and helpful at their booth).

Speaking of Hammertap, Jen Cano of Hammertap gave a presentation to a packed room about using she is below talking to an attendee after the session:

She's also the author of her ownbook about research and I'll be posting an image of it soon. Off to the Town Hall..more soon!

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