Friday, June 15, 2007

Images from eBay Live 2007: Friday Madness

Every time the "celebrate" song by Kool and the Gang plays, the crowd here at eBay Live 2007 goes crazy and starts moving like lemmings towards eBay booths and employees blessed with bags of the sacred pins.  I haven't had nearly enough time to just hang out on the Exhibit Floor and collect pins, but I have been having fun and really enjoying the seminars. And..I had two book signings today!

Here are two of my favorite eBay employees, who came to my "eBay Price Guide" signing at the Hammertap booth today:

Naveen and Bret, two not only handsome, but powerful men. (See "Pretty Woman," the scene with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the store on Rodeo Drive).

Here's an awesome shooting star seller holding a copy of my book:

I finally made it upright.

I have to go now but more pix coming soon.

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