Wednesday, June 13, 2007

eBay Live Meet n Greet: Mad Hatters n Food Platters

I popped in and out of the eBay Live 2007 Meet n Greet pretty quickly, but long enough to get some pix of the crazy hats. (The theme was the Mad Hatter).  Some of the buzz at the event was about how Google had canceled its "Boston Tea Party" which had apparently been a reaction to eBay disallowing Google Checkout on its ProStores platform (I'm going on memory here so check AuctionBytes if you want the exact facts...they have a complete story on it).

Wed_meet_n_greet_007(Left: some of the most fun crazy hats at the Mad Hatter Meet 'n' Greet at Ned Devine's in Boston).

I was wondering just what Google was going to do at this party...get some Monopoly money and dump it into the harbor? Just have some Sam Adams beer 'n' Bostonian style bites? Or what?

We'll see what, if anything, continues in the saga between Google checkout and eBay.


Another hat.

Wed_meet_n_greet_008 The BuySafe guys.


Another cool hat. Sorry, it's sideways.

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