Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts with Virginia Tech

I wanted to blog today about the tragic and horrifying events at Virginia Tech. I live in Virginia, and we have a home in the Wintergreen resort near Blacksburg, and although I don't personally know any of the students there well, I have seen them around the resort and know them to be fine and hard-working people.

Last year I rented to a Tech student and he was one of the nicest renters we ever had.  I went to the University of Virginia, and although UVA's and tech's football teams are known to have a "rivalry," it is all in fun, and I know the thoughts of the whole UVA community, and indeed the whole country, are with the Tech community.

I was very impressed with the many heroic actions of the students I heard about on the tv today, such as the young man who helped barricade the classroom door against the shooter and prevented him from entering their class. The students all seem to have a close bond and have really come together as a community.

If you read this blog regularly you know I sell on eBay. The other day I bought a Va Tech metal mug / stein at a yard sale. It has a special meaning now. It just shows you there are many Tech students and parents up here in Northern Virginia and my thoughts are with them and all Tech students and families everywhere. 

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