Tuesday, April 24, 2007

eBay Pop Culture Watch & Average Sales Prices

eBay is now giving out some average sales prices in their direct mail brochures. I just got one that was titled "Link to the things you love to win on eBay!"

It listed photos and average price sold of several hot colorful spring-y items..e.g.:

- Wrap dress: avg price sold $56.51

- iPod Shuffle: avg price sold $63.83.

- Tourmaline T3 (for those not immersed in hair dryer brand-age, that's a fancy tourmaline hair dryer..I own one but it has not changed my life yet): avg price sold $107.77

Then the brochure opens up and it's quite colorful and well-done.  What else is interesting (to me, anyway)?

- Manolo Blahnik (he of the super-chic, super-pricey shoes): avg price sold $426.94.

(That's actually not too far from retail, as far as I know..but I also know some of those go for a lot more than $400 these days, so I'm sure some are bargains, so to speak).

Here's a good one:

- garden fountain: avg price sold: $82.57. That sounds good to me.

eBay in the Pop Culture: I notice eBay popping up all over these days. Here are a few recent examples:

- American Idol former contestant Sanjaya Malakar noting on the Tonight Show that if you go on eBay, you can get a dictionary of Sanjaya terms -- a "Sanjanary." I just looked at the auction, and the lister said they had canceled the auction, thinking it made litle impact, but when Sanjaya mentioned it, it went back up! A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity such as the Virginia Tech victims' families.

- In the new book "Little Pink Slips," the heroine goes to a Chanel sample sale, where the ladies running the sale make everyone in line sign paperwork promising they won't sell the stuff on eBay.

- I haven't seen this, but someone told me in the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin," the Steve character dates a wacky woman who sells on eBay. Now, of course, I have to see the movie!

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