Friday, December 31, 2010

A Seller's Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for eBay in 2011

We're coming up on another year, and I wanted to put my thoughts out there for changes I'd like to see eBay make in 2011, that would spur me to list more and dare I say sell more on the site. And also one resolution as a buyer -- yes, I buy a lot of stuff there too!

1. Give us back a way to see what keywords people are using to find our auctions.

There used to be a way to do this with the Sellathon tool. But when I last checked, eBay had taken away Sellathon's ability to provide this info. (This was why I canceled Sellathon, though I did also like seeing where in the world people were who were watching and bidding on my auctions too). If eBay won't let a third party get the info, it would be nice if they'd give it to sellers themselves. I'd even pay extra (a modest amount, not an arm and a leg) to get this $4.95 a month.

2. Make a faster way to list items, with more stock images and the ability to list items with "condition notes" only, a la amazon.

One reason I've been listing more on amazon is I rarely need to monkey with a photo..if anyone else is selling the same thing, I simply piggyback on their photo and add condition notes. This works for books, cds, games, dvds, and probably a lot of other stuff. They need a bigger database of these photos. And they have some stock shipping fees, so we don't need to monkey with that either. This obviously will not work for all the unique items out there that make eBay eBay, but it could work in a lot of categories and would incentivize me to list more,

3. Give us more free listing promotions.

On amazon you don't pay when it doesn't sell. This is another good incentive to list on amazon. eBay could offer us more of these promotions, or even just introduce no listing fees (selling fees only) in certain categories like books and music, where the stuff may need to sit there a length of time before it sells.

4. Make the checkout process faster.

This will get more buyers and also help sellers. Amazon's got a beautiful thing with their "one-click checkout," and while they have that patented, I should think eBay could speed up the whole checkout process, if only to get rid of the need to login to PayPal when you pay. Make it so when you login to eBay, you're also logged into PayPal. They're owned by the same company, aren't they?

None of this OK, you've bought it, now checkout with PayPal, now login to your PayPal account, wait for PayPal to load, click the PayPal checkout, yaddi yaddi yadda. Just "pay with PayPal," confirm payment, and you're done.

Resolutions as a Buyer:

5. See 4) above, Make the checkout process faster.

What are your resolutions for eBay? Have any you care to share?

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