Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I use Stamps.com a lot for my eBay and online selling business. I think a lot of people don't realize this great service is out there, and I see people in line at the post office doing simple things like mailing a domestic package and buying postage for it. I always put my domestic packages outside my door with postage already on them. (I do go to the post office for international mailings).

 I just got this press release from Stamps.com that their batch shipping for eBay Stores sellers will continue to be free. Check out the details:

LOS ANGELES � April 13, 2010
Stamps.com� (Nasdaq:STMP), the leading provider of postage online
and shipping software s
to approximately 400,000 customers, today announced that it will continue to
enable unlimited batch shipping from
eBay Stores
without any service fees to new customers who sign up before October
1, 2010. Batch shipping with Stamps.com allows eBay sellers to print up to
1,000 labels at a time, and via all classes of USPS mail�including First Class Mail

enables thousands of eBay sellers to ship their orders quickly, reliably and
affordably,� said Stamps.com president and CEO Ken McBride. �The response to
our original eBay promotion was very positive, and we are pleased to provide
even more eBay sellers the chance to benefit from our world-class batch
shipping solution.�

allows eBay Store users to retrieve order data from multiple sources�including
eBay, XML files and ODBC data sources�and automatically post order status
details such as tracking numbers and cost data back to their eBay Store.
Integration with the Stamps.com USB scale further decreases the need for manual
data entry by automatically importing package weight and calculating the
correct postage. Users also receive discounts on Priority� and Express Mail�,
cost codes to keep track of expenses, and Hidden Postage� which prints shipping
labels without displaying the postage cost.

goal in offering a free eBay batch shipping solution is to introduce eBay users
to Stamps.com's product and encourage them to explore all of the additional
features which are available for a small additional monthly fee.  For instance, Stamps.com offers integrations
with additional eCommerce platforms such as Yahoo!� Merchant, and Google
Checkout.  These additional integrations
allow webstore managers to process, manage, and ship orders from virtually any
e-commerce source. Other features available to standard customers include the
ability to print postage directly on envelopes or on NetStamps� for convenient
mailing solutions. 

more information on Stamps.com's free service for eBay sellers, visit http://www.stamps.com/ebayfree5/


(Nasdaq: STMP) is a leading provider of Internet-based postage services.

service enables small businesses, enterprises, advanced
shippers, and consumers to print U.S. Postal Service-approved postage with just
a PC, printer and Internet connection, right from their home or office. The Company currently has PC Postage
partnerships with Avery Dennison, Microsoft, HP, the U.S. Postal Service,
Interapptive, TrueShip, Auctane, Atandra, Webgility and others.

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