Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Clean up Selling Dishes on eBay

What are you all but guaranteed to find at not just every estate sale, but every thrift store, and most yard sales too?


You can make good money selling dishes, pottery, and other dinnerware and servingware on eBay. But you need to know what brands and patterns are best to buy, and at what price point to buy.

Now there's a new resource from eBay expert Lynn Dralle, who specializes in this area. I've read the first few chapters of her new ebook, "Dinnerware Success," and was amazed by the amount of information and detail in this work.

Lynn tells you not only which types of china and pottery dinnerware are most lucrative, but which you are most likely to find when out scouting about.

How about coming across an old dish at a yard sale, grabbing it for 50 cents, and flipping it for $143.10 on eBay? What was this particular plate made of that made it so valuable, and how did Lynn tell (and how can you)? That's just one of the many examples you'll get in this information-packed ebook.


There are many helpful pictures of different types of dishes, pots, cups and other china Lynn has sold, as well as photos of maker's marks and explanations of what they mean. She explains the nitty-gritty such as the difference between "bone china" and "china," all in a fun and entertaining way.

The book is not cheap, but considering you're getting a lifetime of Lynn's knowledge and experiences, it's a great investment.

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