Sunday, March 21, 2010

Savannah serves: restaurants in savannah

Restaurants in Savannah -- there are many and the food here in general is delicious.

Our first night we got dinner at a well-known place called the pirate's house. I highly recommend it and both the salad and creamy linguine dish I ordered were excellent.

They also have a fun gift shop section w piratey stuff.

Apparently the place was featured in treasure island by Robert Louis

Another good place was the art cafe across from the mellow mushroom, the latter a funky, busy pizza place. I ate at the bar and had a delicious club croissant sandwich with hearty red potato salad.

While there, I got a rec from a local gentleman -- it's good to ask the natives -- cha Bella.

So my cuz drew and I ate there for dinner. We split a creamy linguine and veggie dish which was tasty

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