Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Cards Rescued from Trash Net eBay Seller Over $100

Just in time for the holidays comes this heartwarming tale of Christmas cheer..and unexpected cash:

Rescued from the Trash: Dodge Dealership 1950s cards

Hi Julia!

While helping a friend clean out her parent�s house, I came across several old 1950�s Dodge dealership Christmas cards that they were throwing out. I was trading my labor for items I thought were interesting, so pulled these, along with several other items out of the "going away pile."

Two of the cards were in fairly good condition; the other five were in rough condition. I listed the two goods one separately and the five others in a lot. The total of the three auctions came to over $100.00.

In total, from my two days labor at the estate, I have probably netted close to $1000.00. I am still listing items from the estate when time permits. However, my point is, always look at what is being trashed; I have found many treasures in these piles. And don�t forget "roadside shopping"!

Happy Hunting!

Barbara S.


Hi Barbara!

Sorry for the delay! We've been hit by the flu here. :(

Oh yeah, I've probably been mistaken for a homeless person before, rooting around in "trash" that is set out in front of a sale or on a curb. LOL!

Dodge dealership '50s era Xmas fun! I bet it some some Dodge aficionados who snapped them up.

Here are Barbara's photos:

[I also dug up the following example of a Dodge Christmas card on eBay:]

And you are so right..things being thrown out or put in the trash can sometimes be the best finds! Thank you so much for sharing your find, and you are entered into the next contest!

Keep flipping,

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