Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Textbooks the New Resale Gold? 12 Charged in Library Theft

I know reselling textbooks is profitable because I do it myself..when I can find them at yard and estate sales or thrift shops. But so valuable that it prompts some people to steal textbooks from a public library? That surprised me.

12 people were charged with theft after $87K worth of textbook materials went a-walkin' from Prince George's County Maryland libraries.

The story on WTOP news is here:

According to some reports, many of the textbooks were in the sciences, such as nursing. And ironically, one was about ethics. Hmmmm.

If you're looking for textbooks to resell (legally!), here are the latest top-dollar sellers on eBay. Some of the top sellers are actually in the professional/post-graduate educational realm:

- 2009 BECKER CPA REVIEW COMPLETE SET W/COURSE CD SEALED - multiple sales, including $1399.95 and $1250

- PLI Patent Bar Home Study Course - $825.00


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