Friday, June 20, 2008

eBay Keynote 08 Part 2: Lorrie Norrington on PayPal and other Changes

Norrington said her score on eBay is 146, and shared that she is a fan of "Westies" -- west Highland Terriers.

She'd bought a custom portrait of her dog from an eBay seller, Denise, and had invited Denise to be her guest at eBay Live.

Getting down to business, Norrington said "what we're doing is not always easy" but they're doing it because people expect more today when they come to eBay.

eBay seller Denise's portrait of Lorrie's Westie.

"What we're doing for you," said Lorrie, we're calling "both buyers and sellers -- an important change for us."

On eBay, PayPal is rolling out expanded [protection] to all U.S. sellers at no additional charge [this brought some mild clapping.]

Some of the talking points slides:




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