Monday, February 25, 2008

Way Cool Features in eBay Desktop

I've just started playing around with eBay Desktop, the new, well, desktop app from eBay. It's substantially improved the eBay browsing experience, I think.

Here are a couple of my favorite things so far:

- When you click an item from the search results list, now you can see the whole search list on the left side of the screen while you're viewing the actual item. This makes it a lot easier to navigate in and out of items on a search results list. Before, the whole list would disappear, and you'd have to root out the "Back to list of items" link to get back to the search results to keep browsing.

For example, here's a pair of boots I was looking at. You can see the list of results on the left still as you view the item.

<--  You can see the list still to the left of the item. (Yes, I know there are some men's boots in there).

(Click on the photo to enlarge it).

Another thing I really like is their search/watch feeds. You can add items to your watch list and the feed will continually update when items meeting those criteria are listed. For the collector who wants to keep a close eye on when anything new he or she is looking for is listed, or get a jump on a good Buy It Now before someone else does, say, this feature is a boon.

More on eBay Desktop (based on Adobe Air technology) as I continue to play with it.

A shout out to Alan Lewis at eBay who keeps me posted on eBay Desktop.

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