Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Note to amazon: Can I Has buyer address in the "sold" email, pleez?

Hey, amazon.com, a note from your sellers everywhere...well, at least from me: Can you please go back to emailing us the durn buyer's name and address in the email message we get when we sell something?

Now you've gone to this irritating new system where we have to:

- 1. Go to your Seller Account by clicking "Your Account" at the top of any
Amazon.com page, then clicking "Your Seller Account" on the right side of the
page, under Marketplace.

- 2. Find Order ID "blah blah blah" in Manage
Orders. You can search by Order ID if necessary.

- 3. Click the Order ID
link to display the Order Details page. You will see the full order details
including shipping address and shipping speed.

Fun! Yeesh. I imagine there was some security reason for this or something, but PayPal sends buyer mailing addresses in their payment confirmation emails, so why can't you?

And by the way, I fronted you like three bucks on the shipping.

There, I got that off my chest. Thanks.

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